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Fish, the future and Falmouth

For a glimpse of both the past and the future of seafaring join us at Slow Fish in Falmouth, on April 15, when we will be welcoming into harbour the world's only transatlantic, engineless cargo vessel: Tres Hombres.

With her belly full of rum and cocoa, Tres Hombres is pioneering sustainable international trade by shipping goods from the Caribbean to Britain under sail.

There will be a lively programme of shore-side events to celebrate the arrival of this delicious cargo and the chance to discuss ideas around the sailing trade movement, from a civic reception with the Mayor of Falmouth to chocolate workshops at the Eden Project, plus thought provoking film screenings and mouth-watering feasts cooked up by Falmouth's finest eateries not to mention rum tasting, naturally.

Moshi Moshi with Slow Fish will be co-hosting some events in Falmouth, so if you are in the area come and say hello! Click here to read more about the ship and scheduled events.

On a sadder note, Slow Fish mourns the loss of our friend Chandrika Sharma, a tireless advocate for the rights of fisherwomen. She was one of the 239 passengers on the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared while crossing the South China Sea. She will be hugely missed.

Great British Food

Sushi and ceviche are about as far as it gets from classic British food, but a growing number of chefs are creating their own kind of fusion combining fresh, local ingredients with international flavours.

Moshi Moshi was privileged to have been featured in Jenney Linford's article for the Great British Food magazine on the topic.

Doing the interview took me back two decades to the days we had no idea where most of our ingredients came from. We were importing red snapper from Australia because our Japanese chefs weren't familiar with British white fish such as bream, John Dory or Dover sole. Madness!

The local fish merchants made matters worse by being unable to find the fresh, well-kept fish that are essential to good sushi.

Finding our Slow Fish fisherman in Cornwall meant we could buy a huge range of fish directly from the boat, changing the way we procured fish ever since. Click here to see the whole article.

That's all from me, but I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments on the menu or a recent experience.

Caroline Bennett
Founder & owner

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