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Celebrating the Oceans in June

June 8th is World Ocean's Day - a day that looks to recognise the significance of healthy oceans to the health of the planet and our own well being. Moshi Moshi is supporting two events this month and next that help realise healthier seas. The first is our perennial favourite, Slow Food, to whom we are indebted for finding our answer to truly sustainable fish, and the second the Environmental Justice Foundation, for their tireless efforts to highlight slavery in getting cheap prawns to our dining tables (rest assured no slaves were used in producing ours) and the problems of unregulated and illegal fishing practices.

We have been proud supporters of Slow Food since we first met our wonderful fisherman, Chris Bean, at Slow Food's Terra Madre in 2004. Thanks to Terra Madre, we were introduced to small-scale inshore fishers, who fish with nets that don't damage the seabed, and provide us with fish of exceptional quality. When the boxes arrive, the sweet smell of the sea fills the sushi bar, there is never a hint of fishiness! To celebrate Slow Food and it's achievements in the ecology and people of the seas, we will be donating £1 for every Slow Food dish that you order on Friday June 5th. If you'd like to donate more of course that would be much appreciated. Join us for a Slow Food Fish Friday!

Dishes you can help support Slow Food are:
  Salt & sansho pepper Japanese fish & chips
  Ankimo 'foie gras' of the sea
  Sea-fayre tempura tapas
  Cornish catch of the day ceviche

Celebrating World Oceans Day with the Environmental Justice Foundation

We are teaming up with the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) to raise awareness and combat illegal 'pirate' fishing and promote sustainable fisheries globally. We have been firm advocates of demonstrating how the choices we make as a restaurant, and those you make as our co-producer customers, can help protect oceans and keep fish on our menus in the long-term.

We have pledged to donate £1 for every dish sold of our 'Salt & sansho pepper Fish & Chips' throughout July. We use a flat fish, often plaice or lemon sole, caught by our fisherman Chris Bean. We challenge you to eat the entire skeleton (the chips!) as Chris did when he dined on his own fish at Moshi Moshi – they are highly nutritious and no longer end up as waste.

100% of funds raised will directly support EJF's Oceans Campaign in West Africa which empowers coastal communities to combat illegal fishing and to protect their fish stocks and marine environments. I know first hand the importance of this having met Mauritanian fisherwoman through the Slow Food movement whose husbands have lost their capacity to fish due to the destructive and often illegal fishing activities of international fishing fleets. Some of the refugees on the boats crossing the Mediterranean are the direct result of the destruction of these fisherman's livelihoods– they've been forced to go further afield to feed their families for over a decade now, and only now is their plight being recognised by the European media.

Click here to read more from EJF :

Sake Tasting

We are introducing a new sake menu towards the end of the month and will be hosting a sake tasting evening, pairing the new sakes with sashimi and dishes from our hot menu on Thursday July 9th. Save the date !

That's all from me, but I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments on the menu or a recent experience.

Caroline Bennett
Founder & owner

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