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Fair Quota?

I don't suppose UKIP have given much thought to their fisheries policy, but this will surely be right up their street! It is Greenpeace's latest campaign to redress the imbalance of power in the fishing fleet and specifically quota allocation, and put this before all the political parties to adopt it in their manifestos.

The scale of foreign dominance in fishing quota is revealed by a Greenpeace investigation which shows that 43% of England's fishing quota is held by foreign controlled fishing businesses. It exposes the high concentration of quota in the hands of a few industrial fishing companies, many of them foreign controlled: - Five largest foreign controlled vessels hold 32 per cent of the English quota - - One Dutch-controlled vessel holds 23 per cent of the English quota? - - Five vessels hold 20 per cent of the UK quota? - - The small scale fleet make up four fifths of the entire UK fishing fleet and has just 4 per cent of the UK's quota

Greenpeace carried out the investigation into the UK's quota as part of its new campaign, 'Our Net Gain', which urges the government to reclaim fishing quota for local, low impact fishermen in the UK, which would benefit coastal economies and marine life.

Many blamed their lack of quota and struggle for survival on the European legislation, the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). However, the CFP was reformed last year, and now requires national governments to prioritise giving quota to fishing businesses which contribute most to coastal economies and fish using low impact methods, which better protect marine life. Under the latest CFP reforms, quota must be allocated according to criteria informed by sustainability, protection of the environment and the needs of the local economy. Greenpeace is arguing for this to be implemented.

The difficulties our local fishers face was highlighted to me very clearly at Slow Food's Terra Madre in Turin last month, when our Cornish fisherman received a call while we were there informing him that his quota for plaice had been taken away for the remainder of 2014. Given that plaice had constituted 40% of his recent catch, this was a major blow. But what really upset him was that he would be inevitably catching plaice and having to discard them, something hitherto he'd prided himself on never doing. It is a travesty that these small scale fishers who generally fish in a far less damaging way, and have a significantly higher impact on the economies of local coastal communities, are penalised in the same way as the industrial trawler fleets who are invariably the cause of the damaging fishing methods, depletion of fish stocks and subsequent quota restrictions. Please put your name to Greenpeace's campaign :

Celebrate Christmas at Moshi Moshi!

Our Christmas menu is £29.50 head and packed with some real treats , including Cornish fish and vegetable tempura, rib eye beef teriyaki , seasonal greens & sweet potato chips and a wonderful green tea trifle – all kicked off in style with a glass of Prosecco.


Terra Madre Day December 10

Please join our annual celebration of Slow Food's Terra Madre day on December 10 again this year.

Join us on December 10 for a complimentary Gloucester Old Spot pork tonkatsu! The Forgotten Foods program - Ark of Taste travels the country collecting small-scale quality produce threatened by industrial agriculture, environmental degradation and homogenization. These products are often at risk of extinction!

Slow Food raises awareness so that they may be rediscovered and returned to the market. The program is part of Slow Food's global Ark of Taste which aims to preserve edible biodiversity around the world. Old Spot pig is one of the Ark of Taste products. Just show us your Moshi Members card of Slow Food Members card.

War on Waste

Forecasts all seem to agree on the fact that, in 2050, there will 9 billion people sharing the planet. Considering that today (with a world population of 7 billion) a billion people do not eat adequately, the prospects look gloomy. The most disparate and "authoritative" voices are increasingly stressing the fact that, to feed everyone, it will be necessary to increase productivity by 70 percent (with cultivated land decreasing in the meantime). Hence the rush to genetically manipulate seeds to create hyperproductive plant species. Hence the idea of feeding meat animals on antibiotics and hormones to make them grow in half the normal time. Hence the inevitable destruction of forests to obtain arable land (which nonetheless loses its fertility in the space of a few seasons anyway).

In short, who can worry about biodiversity, animal well-being and climate change when people are dying or risk dying of hunger? But there is an element missing in this analysis—often left unsaid more in bad faith than out of shallowness—that cannot help but leave us with our stomachs knotted: namely that today the earth produces food for 12 billion people. Forty percent of all food produced is wasted and turns to waste without even getting near to the table. *

For this reason we teamed up with the Sustainable Restaurant Association's brilliantly inspired campaign Food Save – a project designed specifically to tackle waste in the restaurant sector.

* Courtesy of Slow Food. To read more of this article click here:

That's all from me, but I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments on the menu or a recent experience.

Caroline Bennett
Founder & owner

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