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LIFE in Madrid

The optimistically acryonmed organisation LIFE Low Impact Fishers of Europe - held a conference in Madrid that perhaps surprisingly was - rather optimistic! There are a number of really positive moves following on the from the reform of the European Commons Fishery Policy last year that puts small scale fishers at the heart of some of the key changes. Many of them run the risk of losing their livelihoods as quota for fish is unevenly distributed to the larger boats, but the recent reform states that quota must now be allocated on environmental, social and economic factors which augurs well for the small scale sector. There is along way to go yet, but optimism was definitely in the air.

Crowd funding

Continuing with my endless enthusiasm for marine ecology and small scale fishers, I am looking to set up a fishmonger Community Interest Company, owned by the fishers, that replicates the amazing work our fisherman, Chris Bean, does in Cornwall. As many readers will know, I first met him through Slow Food in 2004 and we've been the happy recipients of his astounding quality fish ever since. He is my inspiration to join forces with other small-scale fishers, and reward them for fishing with sensitivity to the environment. So if you are looking for a quirky Christmas present look no further - a box of fish and a thank you card from the fisherman delivered directly to your door! I will be sending out details of the crowd funding campaign shortly.

Theatre at the weekend?

Rather more familiar with recommending sushi dishes, I've got two plays for you this time. The first Kathy Kirby: Icon, a moving production with some stunning performances and co-produced by a regular customer, in Kennington. The second a puppet show by the visual theatre 'In Our Hands' tells the story of Alf, a trawler fisherman who is struggling to make ends meet at the Little Angel Theatre in Islington.

That's all from me, but I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments on the menu or a recent experience.

Caroline Bennett
Founder & owner

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